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Growing up Arts and the Sciences have always coexisted in my world. Painting, poetry and sketching were always second nature. Even while pursuing my Masters in Interactive Multimedia, Art was always remained a strong undercurrent for me. I was always drawn to the art world, visiting local artist studios and checking out art shows in new cities. It became something I could not shake off and realized that there was a lot that more that needed to be said.

A few years ago, while taking a break from work, I went to a local art class. I picked up that first charcoal stick in years and it all came flooding back to me. It’s like I was always there. The tactile sensation of creating something with my hands, the paint splatters, the energy of it all, felt so familiar. I fell in love with this messy process of art making and haven’t stopped since. You can follow my art adventure on Instagram.

I have always been fascinated by the dualities – abstraction and form, movement and pause and the inherent energy in every moment, even a quiet pause. In my art I strive to interpret the energy, the spontaneity of the inner monologue of those moments. Working with type, collage, ink, bold colors and a variety of my own handcrafted tools , I approach my work with an experimental openness. In some ways, my work is also a reflection of the many cultures in which I have been immersed, and the many worlds I have navigated, from India where I spent my early years, to Sydney where I attended graduate school, to the New York metropolitan area where I currently live and work. The breadth of these experiences has enabled me to embrace both the harmonious interplay and the dissonant tension present in my paintings–with their abstractions, figurative gestures, text and performative, controlled flows of paint.
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Artist of the Month, December 2017
Healing Arts, NJ

Playing with Color: 50 Graphic Experiments for Exploring ColorDesign Principles, Richard Mehl
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Painting and Mixed Media
School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
New School, New York, NY

Masters of Interactive Multimedia
Sydney, Australia

Bachelor of Engineering