Casa Colombo is pleased to present this exhibition featuring works by three women, Bithika Adhikary, Lisa Collodoro and Jacqueline Firmo-Falconi. The exhibition draws together paintings in which space is explored.

Show Dates:​ September 5, 2018 – October 7, 2018
Location: ​IECC Center for Arts​ at Casa Colombo, ​380 Monmouth Street, JC, NJ


Bithika Adhikary’s​ space is fluid, sculptural and vibrant.
“I have always been fascinated by the dualities – abstraction and form, movement and pause and the inherent energy in every moment, even a quiet pause. In these pieces, I explore the space between painting and sculpture, where the surface becomes the form and the form becomes the surface. Using sculpted canvas, bold colors, handwritten words from my poems, the flat canvas is transformed into a more dimensional vibrant space, each with its own unique story.”

Lisa Collodoro’s ​space is structured, colorful and playful.
“Growing up, I always loved fairy tales, magic, and anything occult. I was always curious about what lay beyond the visual world: the patterns, symbols, geometry, and light. Making contact with the unseen, my space becomes a place of imagination, unlimited possibilities and outcomes, letting the colors and shapes tell the story.”

Jacqueline Firmo-Falconi’s​ space is fluid, structured and textured.
“During my numerous journeys around the world, I have always been captivated by the building structures and landscapes I’ve seen.
In this series of paintings I created an illusion of space by positioning symbolically heterogeneous objects in their own spaces while being integrated in a harmonious way. I play with colors, shapes and light, and a contrast between smooth and textured surfaces, to achieve a sense of sculptural relief. My canvases suddenly become alive and my stories unfold before your eyes.”

The gallery visitors will see and experience the works of three very different artists, each revealing their own unique space.The ‘Spaces’ art exhibition will surprise the gallery visitors with vibrant colors, tactile textures, and familiar and sometimes unfamiliar realms.


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