ripple effect – Installation & Performance

OFFLINE is a series of curated performances presenting the work of emerging to mid-career choreographers from the New Jersey/New York area.For this cycle of OFFLINE, Curators Stephanie Daniels and Samuel Pott (Artistic Director of Nimbus Dance Works) selected choreography/choreographers/artists whose work demonstrates a multidisciplinary approach, including an art-installation and site-specific performance collaboration by Gwendolyn Gussman and Bithika Adhikary.

ripple-effect  is collaborative site-specific installation and performance piece that abstracts the concepts of memory, home, change and control. Many of us have a certain level of control over where we choose to call “home”, and yet, what we cannot foresee is how our “home” will affect us. Living in the ever-changing landscape of today’s world, how do we navigate what we call home? Extending the idea of home beyond four walls, Bithika and Gwendolyn explore how much control one has over their environment and how that very environment affects our decisions and emotions.

Curated by: Stephanie Daniels, Samuel Pott
Installation Artist: Bithika Adhikary
Choreographer/Performance: Gwendolyn Gussman
Location: Nimbus Dance Works Theatre, Jersey City, NJ